How to Become a Mental Health Counselor

According to the best counselling services in Dubai, if you want to have a career where you just make six-figure salary and that also each month and you are bringing a change in people’s lives then you should become a mental health counselor. These counselors are also called therapists. If you are about to become a mental health counselor then you should know that there are different kinds of them;

There are more types of them but these are the basic ones that you should know about. If there are so many benefits of being one then there are different downsides as well. but that we won’t mention now. If you want to become one then keep reading to know how to start with it.

Bachelor’s Degree: know that there is no short diploma to become a mental health counselor and you have to complete a bachelor’s degree to become one. Here, you will learn all about psychology and have a deep knowledge of it.

Master’s Degree: becoming a psychologist is not easy and you have to pass through different exams to become one. And these exams can not easy at all. They test your psychological skills as well.

Internship: finally, your studies days are over and you have to look for an internship. This can be tough in the beginning, as you have to hear the patients’ recordings and the terrible mind set that they have. Remember that you will not be introduced with the patient one on one, your job will be to hear all the recordings and state your findings and complete all the documentation of the patient. Different clinics will give you different tasks, so we are not specifying, it is the general tasks that all psychologist internees have to do.

License: again, comes the part where you have to study and give exams but this one will be worth all your years of hardship because you will get your independent license after this. This will allow you to open a private clinic or get a job a private hospital or in a govt facility.

Get More Certifications: the more certificates patients see on your wall, the more they trust you and that is why you have to continue study almost throughout your life.

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