Traveling To Socotra – Here Is Guide For First Timers


Socotra is one of the most remote and least accessible places in the Arabian Peninsula. The island is surrounded by water, and conflict between government forces and Houthi Shiite rebels has raged for more than four years. While other parts of Yemen have been affected by this conflict, Socotra has been largely untouched. If you are traveling to this Island, check this site to find affordable Socotra flights.

Socotra has a pescatarian diet:

Most Socotrians live a simple lifestyle, relying on fishing, livestock, date palm plantations, and primitive home gardens. Since most people are semi-nomadic pastoralists, agriculture is not a common practice in Socotra. Fish, meat, dates, and rice are the staples of the Socotran diet. Some Socotrians also add chicken and goat to their diets.

The island of Socotra is made up of a massive limestone cap, divided in two by the jagged granite range of the Hajhir Mountains. The most accessible area is Rigleh, a sleepy fishing village on the island’s northern coast. Here, you’ll encounter the true Socotrans. The landscape of this remote island is bizarre, and the people live on rugged terrain.

It is a World Heritage Site:

The Socotra Archipelago in Yemen is a natural wonder and UNESCOworld heritage site. This island chain of four semi-desert islands has a unique flora and diverse landscape. The islands are part of the remnants of a plateau that once belonged to Gondwana.

Socotra is home to some of the world’s most endemic birds, reptiles, and flora. The sharing of resources characterizes the ecosystem of the island. Despite the fragile environment, the island population, which ranges from 50,000 to 100,000, embraces the principles of sustainability and respect for the interdependence of all living things. As a result, the island was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2008.

It is a pescatarian island:

The island of Socotra is located in Yemen and is close to the Somalian coast. It is about 135 km long and 42 km wide, with just over 80,000 people. It is also home to various endemic plants, animals, and birds.

It is hard to get to Socotra, and only a few tourists visit. However, once you’ve arrived, you’ll discover new sights and animal life that you might never have seen before. If you’re a keen snorkeler, then Socotra is a must-visit destination.

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