Protection Tips To Follow When Storing Your Furniture In Storage Units


Furniture storage in Dubai use a variety of materials to protect your items. These materials protect your pieces from dust, insects, heat, and moisture. Read on to find out which ones to avoid when storing your items. Keeping your furniture safe during transit can be challenging, but you can do a few simple things to ensure it stays as good as new.

Protecting furniture from insects:

Pests can be a problem for your furniture, especially wood-boring beetles. These insects live in the wood, eating it until it is fully grown, and they can cause severe damage to the structure of your furniture. Protecting your furniture from these insects is important by exposing it to strong sunlight. This is especially important if you have leather furniture.

Another effective way to prevent pests is to use heat. Heat kills pests because it evaporates moisture and kills eggs. This method works on both hardwood and soft-seated furniture.

Protecting furniture from moisture:

To protect your furniture from moisture damage, consider adding a layer of plastic wrap to protect the surface. Stretchy plastic wrap should be applied in several layers to ensure the best protection. The plastic wrap will also help protect your furniture against dust and moisture. You can also use bubble wrap to protect smaller pieces of furniture.

Protecting furniture from dust:

It is crucial to protect your furniture from dust during packing and storage. Dust can easily stain furniture, and you want to avoid damaging it. Fortunately, protecting furniture from dust is easy. You can use covers, tarps, or old bedding to protect your furniture. Avoid covering your furniture with organic materials since these can attract pests and insects.

Protecting furniture from heat:

If you own quality home furnishings, you should protect them from damage caused by heat, sunlight, and pets. For instance, you can use plastic or shrink wrap to protect wood furniture. In addition, you can use a furniture protector on plastic pieces. It would help if you also covered upholstered furniture to keep it safe from mildewing. You can also apply fabric protectors on upholstered pieces, but be sure to reapply them at the beginning of each season.

Protecting furniture from rodents:

One of the most effective ways to protect your furniture from mice and rats is to spray it with rodent repellent. Several products on the market can be sprayed directly onto untreated wood. Some of these products prevent mice and rats from chewing on your chairs and buffets.

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