Makeup Brush Types Explained


Gomer makeup brushes are tools that come with bristles. These brushes are used for makeup applications or face painting. The bristles are made of synthetic or natural material. There are several different makeup brushes available on the market. These include stipple, fan, crease, contour, and eyeliner brushes. These brushes are essential to achieving flawless makeup application. Here is a complete guide about these brushes.

Stipple brush

Stippling brush makeup brushes are a unique makeup tool that blends makeup products in small dots on your face for a flawless look. They have two layers of bristles, one that is shorter and more flexible and a dense center that packs on color to hide blemishes and apply foundation. These brushes should be thoroughly cleaned between uses to ensure they remain in tip-top shape.

Fan brush

The fan brush is an excellent makeup tool for quickly applying highlighter or concealer to large areas. Its fine bristles allow for an even, seamless application of highlighter. They are also great for applying lip products without applicators.

Eyeshadow crease brush

Eyeshadow crease brushes are designed to blend out your eye shadow while also minimizing harsh edges. This eye shadow brush is generally made of softer synthetic fibers with a double-crimped ferrule. Typically used to blend your eye shadow, it is best to apply it lightly around the brow bone and crease area. It also has a longer bristle than a standard eyeshadow brush, resulting in a smoother transition and a more natural-looking look.

Angled contour brush

An angled contour brush is a versatile tool that can blend powder and contour makeup in the hollow of the cheek. It blends in the powder below the cheekbones, jawline, and forehead.

Duo fiber brush

The pro duo fiber makeup brush is an excellent multipurpose brush that gives you a flawless application of foundation, powder blush, or cream products. The flat top bristles of this brush are especially useful for adding texture to your face.

Outer corner brush

Choosing an eyeshadow brush for the outer corner of your eye can be difficult. Several options are designed for this purpose. Some of them are compact, while others are densely packed. The best choice depends on your personal preference.

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