5 Amazing Benefits Of Self-Storage


The storage facility in Abu Dhabi is a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. It boosts productivity and protects your business. It’s easy to find the perfect place to store your items. You can even find a local location in your community. Here are some of the great benefits of using self-storage.


Self-storage is less expensive than you may think. Building a self-storage facility can cost as little as DH 25 per square foot, and the facility’s cost is much lower. Self-storage properties are easier to run than other types of commercial real estate. For example, the average construction cost of an apartment building is DH 229 per square foot, not including architect fees, land purchase, landscaping, and parking lots.


In the age of immediacy and convenience, self-storage facilities are increasingly meeting consumer demands. For example, online chat features allow customers to instantly message customer-service representatives and get quick answers to their burning questions. Gone are the days when consumers had to wait hours to get an answer to a simple question. Instead, customers now expect instant access to answers, and businesses in every industry are taking notice.


Security is an essential component of any self-storage facility. Modern security techniques are used to keep theft to a minimum. Security measures include surveillance cameras, exterior lighting, fences, and professional guards. While the level of security may be lower than in your own home, it’s still far better than most residential situations.

They use video surveillance for security:

Another crucial component of self-storage security is video surveillance. Installing security cameras is a proven way to prevent break-ins and monitor activity on-site. Security cameras come in different styles and capabilities, from simple box cameras that look like an old VHS camcorder to more advanced ones that can pan and zoom. Some even have thermal imaging capabilities that detect changes in heat in complete darkness. Even wireless IP cameras send push notifications when motion is detected.

They temperature-controlled buildings:

Self-storage facilities can also offer many amenities, such as temperature-controlled buildings. Nevertheless, these facilities tend to be more expensive than other facilities. The most significant benefit of self-storage is location. The ideal location makes it easy to attract customers and maintain a steady stream of rent. However, it would help if you remembered that this is a business that requires regular rental payments and must be competitive with other storage facilities.

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